Reshaping the Innerbelt as a place of opportunity that brings communities together will not happen overnight, and the negative impacts of the Innerbelt will never truly be undone.

However, through a multi-year redevelopment process, we can help Akron communities imagine a healed future full of opportunity and solidarity.

From 2021-2023, we held community conversations about the past and future of the Innerbelt. The summary and analysis of those conversations as well as recommendations for moving forward can be found in the Phase 1 report. Below is a summary of potential future activities based on what is known to date.

Short Term (2024-2027) – Interim transformation of a portion of the land; City hires consulting team to develop a master plan; Innerbelt Master Plan informed by Phase 1 report and developed through a community-engaged process; City applies for state and federal funding to begin site transformation; Healing + Repair activities (see Phase 1 report) are advanced.

Medium Term (2027-2030) - Ongoing interim activation of the site; Efforts continue to support master plan implementation; Healing + Repair activities continue.

Long Term (2030+) - Permanent transformation of the vacated portion of the Innerbelt