Reconnecting Our Community is a community-engaged initiative to reckon with the Innerbelt’s past and begin to imagine a healed future. 

In 1970, construction of the Innerbelt began, erasing a vibrant neighborhood and displacing residents and businesses. In 2018, a portion of the Innerbelt (between Market and Exchange Streets) was permanently closed. Now the time has come to determine what’s next.

The City has hired spatial justice consultant Liz Ogbu to steward a public conversation around creating a new vision for a vibrant place that reconnects communities and honors both what once was here and our future aspirations for what we can be. We want to hear from the Akron community, whether your family once called the land on which the Innerbelt sits home, you live or work near the Innerbelt, or you’re an Akron resident interested in what’s next.

Please help us by sharing your thoughts in this brief survey. All completed surveys will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card! Deadline to complete the survey is January 31st.

As we think about the future of the Innerbelt, we’d like to know what you think Akron needs.

Do you have a favorite place that you love to go to in Akron?

Now we have a couple of questions about your thoughts and experience of the Innerbelt.

Did you know a portion of the Innerbelt (Route 59) is permanently closed? (Between Market and Exchange Streets)
Were you or your family directly impacted by the Innerbelt’s construction?

Almost done! We would love to learn a little bit more about you!

Where do you live?
How old are you?
How would you best describe yourself?

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! If you would like to be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card, please enter your name and contact details.*

*Gift card drawing will be held in mid-February. Up to 10 winners will be chosen from all completed surveys.